Hello, there !!

Android app !!

It was my third semester when I was strolling around looking for my area of interest. All my seniors had done their projects and some of them were placed too.

I totally want to get placed by my fourth half year and I could do anything for that.

On research and a lot of interrogation , I found out that having a lot of projects and maintaining a portfolio of it would help you get into some company , and hence I started to work towards it. My first project was ANDROID . It wasn’t planned nor I had any ideas.

It was a sudden thought that I should try Android.

So, I googled and read a lot of articles on how to get started and finally I found out that Android Studio is the best IDE to create apps

I will give a full review on why Android Studio is best for android app in my next blog.This one is all about my first app !!

So, just knowing about IDE is not enough, I had to learn more . By more I mean code, front end , back end and a lot other things.

Udacity is the best platfrom to learn Android and it’s for free. I highly recommend anybody wishing to learn android to choose Udacity , atleast for the beginner stage.


To learn Android app you need 2 basic languages which is XML for front end and Java for back end.

You might need two platforms to build app

  1. Android Studio
  2. Java SDK

Java SDK you can download according to your system configuration . There are different configurations for Windows, Mac and Linux.

A decent knowledge in java can help you create apps and the front end is a fun play for sure.

Starting Process

Starting a new thing you are completely unaware of is a big thing but once you do, you’ll feel comfortable and acquainted.

To get started , read a lot of articles from Medium,Quora and Wordpress of different android Developers , on how they started, their ideas and pen down them.

Before you execute it to any system or in reality, I recommend you to draw and picture your app on how you want it to look and how you want it to look on the screen. This way, you won’t have any design problems.The most important things is, stick to your design and don’t dodge as you find better designs. It’s your app , after all.

Front end !

Initially, you will have to design a hello world app, with all the front end tools and syntax . This way, you’ll have a good practice of the XML language.

Later on, you can work with Java.

But, front end is what is visible to the user so working equally on it would make your app more beautiful.

Back end !

Back end comprises of complete java but the java we use in Android Studio isn’t the same like we use in java SDK , Udacity courses will help you learn the code too.

It’s more than important to get stronger with the basics and not having to always go back and look through the syntax because that would take most of your time.

Hardware !

To see if your app runs according to your code, you need a virtual machine . We call it “ emulator” .Emulator is nothing but a virtual machine in your system which will look like a real phone and you can see your app run there.

By default, your system doesn’t have the virtualization enabled . To do so, you need to open BIOS to enable virtualization.I’ll link below on how to open BIOS and enable virtualization.


My app !

Talking about my app, ELIXIR is a simple health app to find your BMI-Body Mass Index.

I wanted to start with simple ones .

Tip: Don’t complicate yourself with tough apps at the very beginning.That might demotivate you. Progress with a constant effort.

First Page :

The front has some texts and a button.Once, I click the button it’ll send me to the next page.

The first page I guess doesn’t need any explanation as it is as simple as it is on the screen.

Second Page:

Once I click the next button in first page I go to the second page.

I could’ve directly gone into the details but I thought the user should know my whole idea on what the app is and not bluntly use the app.

So, the second page has some basic information about the app.

Third Page:

The third page is where user has to insert their details in order to get the BMI.

To calculate BMI, you will need height and weight and the calculations will be done in back end. The result will be printed once you click the result button .

I’ve given some inputs and you can see the result printed. It even tells your state.

So, that’s all about my app.It’s pretty basic but, to start with these apps are best.

Good day !